Student Agency Services or SAS, currently operating as Student Services, was officially funded and incorporated in the Dominican Republic in 2000 as a student & researcher service agency for students and professionals. Its function is to promote, organize, provide, and take charge of logistics, student training, development programs, and academic policies, and to provide and coordinate with professors to provide materials that will be used in the teaching process. Incorporated in the D.R. as RNC#123-014996; registered in the USA under IRS section 501 (c) (3) FID#82-5266169.

Online Volunteer program

To learn more about the Guanin Center and Check out Guanin's Website

Volunteer from anywhere in the World

For those looking to contribute, but may not be ready for a trip to the Dominican we have our Online Volunteer Program. Whether you are a College or High school student or just someone who wants to commit a few volunteer hours a week the Remote Volunteer Program is here to offer options. Coordinate with members of our Board of Directors to make a contribution that will help Guanin and our current projects.

Program Includes

-Using personal contacts 

-Doing surface level research on philanthropic work

-We accept hot and cold leads 

-You can also reach out directly with your resume to our board of directors if you have specific interest (credit) 

-Submit leads on your time

-Skill Development

-No Expertise needed

Email - to contact our board of directors directly



For those who have already been introduced to the program and are looking to submit a lead to help Guanin connect with companies interested in Donating/Contributing/Volunteering. 

If this is the FIRST TIME your are reaching out, feel free to email SECRETARY@GUANIN.ORG with a brief description of your self and  your strengths. Feel free to provide any volunteer ideas you have in mind and what your looking to accomplish by volunteering with guanin. One of our Board member's will reply with further instructions. 

We thank you for doing your part to make a positive change in the world. EDUCATION IS THE KEY TO PROGRESS AND SUCCESS.

Feel free to reach out if you ever have any questions. 




Examples of Lead

- University with study abroad programs

- Company that offers grants or donations to Us registered non profits 

-Company or organization that host's events

-Group's you are closely connected to ie: Job, Club, team

- Company or group that is socially conscious (community outreach, education programs)

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