Student Agency Services or SAS, currently operating as Student Services, was officially funded and incorporated in the Dominican Republic in 2000 as a student & researcher service agency for students and professionals. Its function is to promote, organize, provide, and take charge of logistics, student training, development programs, and academic policies, and to provide and coordinate with professors to provide materials that will be used in the teaching process. Incorporated in the D.R. as RNC#123-014996; registered in the USA under IRS section 501 (c) (3) FID#82-5266169.



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Baseball Program

Summer Baseball Camp .

Baseball in Context Summer Study abroad Program in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic helps students gain a critical appreciation of the integral role of baseball and the major leagues in Dominican Identity, Culture and history. The program’s academic and experiential components involve an intensive examination of the ethical and sociological as well as international and intercultural facets of a sport that wields tremendous importance in the Dominican Republic and in much of the Americas.

This program is open to students from all disciplines and all levels of Spanish. Courses and offered in English, and students with no language background will enjoy specialized instruction in beginning Spanish. This program is ideal for you, any sport team with a keen interest in sports, athletics and sports management, Sport Medicine, as well as sociology and anthropology and Latin American and Caribbean studies. In addition to studying the rich local culture of baseball, students further immerse themselves in Dominican culture by living with a Dominican host family, hotel, hostal and studio apartment, all depend of your preference.

a) Learn firsthand about the Dominican cultural, social and economic impacts of major league baseball on Dominican society and develop a familiarity with the unique local baseball lexicon found in Caribbean Spanish

b) Examine the interdependence between developing countries and the premier leagues of the baseball and sporting industries of various developed countries.

c) Experience Dominican baseball through in the field site, visits to baseball clubs, academies, training facilities, play baseball with the local and through attendance at baseball games; meet with players, scouts, trainers, agents and managers.





We are flexible; plan your own trip team.

Experience the tropical island that gave us David Ortiz, Vladimir Guerrero, Alfonso Soriano, Pedro Martinez, Albert Pujols and many more. A unique combination of Sport, baseball, basketball, Handball, Jockey and more, culture, history, community outreach service Learning, adventure trip and a lot of fun.

Custom Trips: We are able to schedule a weeklong trip for most dates, all year around that suit your team. We can accommodate any age group from little league through college. If you have a date in mind, give us a call and we will confirm the availability of that date. 1(829) 875-4599/1(809) 435-1980, fax 1(809) 599-6120, email:

Trip Details.

High school baseball, basketball, volleyball, handball, jockey, etc., players (individual players or teams) are welcome to attend our 7 day/6 night baseball trip to the Dominican Republic. Don’t worry for the quantity We work in association over 20 clubs and baseball academies located in 12 communities' service locations across Dominican Republic. Where we will immerse ourselves in sports and the Dominican culture. We offer open sessions available to individual players and custom trips available to teams. Open sessions are available for all high school age players, including graduating seniors. Custom trips can be arranged for teams of any age from little league through adult.

Upon arrival in the Dominican Republic, the young men who attend our camp find themselves in a very different environment than they are used to. They observe customs and a lifestyle which is new to them. Then they get out on a baseball field and realize they have something in common with the locals. Baseball is used to bridge a cultural gap. This experience gives our players confidence they can use later in life in working across cultures.

Our staff consists of U.S. and Dominican coaches and a guest college coach for each trip. Spending a week with a Division I college coach is a unique opportunity for a high school baseball player. These college coaches will observe our players on and off the field and offer coaching tips and insight into the college recruitment process.

Baseball and Dominican Culture

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