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Dr. Adbul Karim, Board Advisor

Dr. Abdul Karim Bangura, Ph.D


For 18 consecutive years (eight years for Howard University, seven years for American University, and three years for Bowie State University), from 1998 to 2015, the scientific essays of Abdul Karim Bangura’s undergraduate student researchers (more than 800) were the most published in the faculty refereed National Conference on Undergraduate Research Journal and many other undergraduate researchers (more than 200) were published in other faculty refereed journals

Dr. Lynne Guitar, Founder

Dr. Lynne A. Guitar, Ph.D

Co-Founder and Board Member.:

U.S. East Coast promoter, bilingual historian and cultural anthropologist, she services the Eastern third of the U.S. as a Promoter for all Student Services Programs,

bilingual historian and cultural anthropologist, she services the Eastern third of the U.S. as a Promoter for all of Guanín’s volunteer programs through Student Services.


Laurie Tompkins, Board Director

Laurie Tompkins

Promoter U.S., Board Director

With more than 20 years of experience, Retired from the University of Connecticut, Program Assistant. International Student Program & Services and work through religious and international organizations.


Christopher Tompkins, Vice President

Christopher Tompkins

Promoter U.S., Board Director

Experienced with online and social media communications, Christopher was one of the community leader who founded the English Class for the kids in la Piedra, Dominican Republic, through the foundation Centro Cultural Guanin, Inc.


Dr. Cled Oakley, Board Member

Dr. Cled Oakley, Ph.D

Business Advisor and Board Member.:

Dr. Cled is buisiness partner with Severino in 2007 when coordinating a foreign exchange program in the Dominican Republic. As a businessman, his mission is to create viral awareness of Student Services and the work we do.

Luis Arturo Severino Hilario

Luis Arturo Severino Hilario
Officer and Board Director.:

Promoter, bilingual historian and cultural. Luis was born to serve, since his childhood he has learned from his father, how to be a community leader for his community, Luis has enough experience working with international teachers and students all over the world.

Elias Severino Hernandez

Elias Severino Hernandez

Founding CEO, On-Site Director.:

Co-Founder of “Spanish on the Beach” Intensive Spanish classes, and Dominican history and cultural classes/excursions for foreign students, executives, etc. All ages.

Founder/President, “Centro Cultural Turistico Guanín,Inc” Preside over the Center. This Center is a non-profit institution for the well-being of the Dominican Republic, promoting tourism and helping the neediest children prepare for successful futures.

Founder of Student Services SRL. More tan 20 years experiences working with international universities and student groups and individual academics who come to the Dominican Republic for educational program, especially those involved in cultural studies. Also organize programs for Dominicans to oversea and work with church groups and various youth groups, arranging educational and charitable site visits to the Dominican Republic.

Soranyi Torres

Soranyi Torres
Board officer.:
Promoter and bilingual, Spanish and English, as a Promoter for all of Guanín’s volunteer programs through Student Services.


Pre med student and nursing program

The Dominican Republic--today's "Land or Discovery" for all students and researchers. 

Are you an explorer looking for the real Dominican life experience or to change the world of travel and spread the word like wildfire?

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