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Guanin/SAS offers great opportunities for the students of Medicine, Nursing, Public Health and other Health care professions to get hands-on experience of international practicum. These special Group or individual programs, are designed for students or volunteers with unique needs.

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Air force hospital visit DR

UConn  bridge with Guanin

Connecticut Medical School, Women hospital visit  

Home visit, Pre med Program, DR

Allen Nursing School, doing home visit at the community of la Piedra.


Home visit, Premed Program, DR

Medical Mission home visit, Dr. Reinoso and his team treating patients


This SAS/Guanin program will serve as classes for the students' “curriculum of life” as well as for their professional lives. Exchange activities are very useful for helping students and other participants to discover for themselves the reality of the Dominican people and their culture. The participants will have every opportunity of sharing in and living the “Dominican reality pre-clinical observation, culture and medicine at the Guanin Community Center.

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SAS/Guanin staff will gather to welcome them and escorted to the Europa Hotel in the Colonial Zone, Guanin Community Center in La Piedra or to the host family.



We provide general orientations to the country, culture, economy, politics, people and to specific regions or topics. The orientations are tailored to meet the particular needs of your group, after the orientation, tour of historical site, cultural lecture by Dr. Lynne Guitar, Ph.D



  1. Europa Hotel 3 stars, at the Colonial Zone
    Included are WiFi Internet, TV with cable, hot water, air conditioner, breakfast, tel., room with 2 beds, safe and clean.

  2. Host family
    included private room with double bed, fan, table to read, 2 meals and shared bathroom, some of the family have internet.

  3. Guanin Community Center, rustic accommodation, WIFI Internet, 3 meals, shared bathroom, recreation area, swimming pool, 24/7 security.



Clinic practice

  1. Monday to Thursday 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Clinical and hospital observation ship
    8 hours medical observation per week

  2. Twice a week, 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Medical, Spanish classes
    3 hours Medice Spanish classes per week

  3. Doctors guest speaking specialists

4.  Home Visit, 3 days, from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM, Medical Mission
     18 to 24 hours working field per week

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Service trip, SAS

There's really no limit to the services we can provide to students and researchers.


Adventure and ecotourism DR

We provide general  orientations are tailored to meet the particular needs of your group.


Ecotourism Program SAS, DR

We have extensive experience and connections with the country this can often save you not only time, but money.


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