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Severino, Here I feel free




Get outside of your comfort zone and immerse yourself in the cultures of Dominican Republic. Join the Guanin team of backpackers and travel with 20 years experienced work in the field student services and researches for a 1 week to all year experiential learning and working at the community of la Piedra.

Summer Leadership Academic programs combine volunteer community outreach service learning, Summer Sports, Pre-med, with outdoor expeditions, home stays, and cultural Immersion Trip and Tours exchange. About a third of your time will involve volunteer work, including these service projects planned for the upcoming year: renovating a school in the community of la Piedra, and teaching English to children in a village in Jarabacoa, Cotui and etc.

SAS participants are presented with a unique opportunity for personal growth. You will encounter a wide range of new and challenging cultural situations, forcing you to re-evaluate what is right, wrong, or normal, and who you are in relation to these norms.


The last 20 years we have been trying to develop and  to improve the quality of life for our Dominican people, we implement an integrated model for development that has been proven to reduce poverty by working with community leaders in rural areas in six key program areas:

  1. Education

  2. Healthcare

  3. Infrastructure

  4. Gender  Equality

  5. Access to clean water

  6. Economic Opportunity

Spanish Skills Needed?

Spanish proficiency is not mandatory, but a basic knowledge of Spanish is required. The level of proficiency will be used to determine available placements. Spanish proficiency is a tremendous asset and native speakers are encouraged to apply, you will receive free Spanish lesson.


The Gap Program and all others SAS program requires a 1 to 4-week commitment in one session. Volunteers must be at least 16 years old at the time of the arrival to the country, with the parent permission. Every volunteer will able to participate in others SAS/Guanin programs



Our Volunteer Program gives students, teachers and qualified individuals the opportunity to work directly in SAS's Programs and CCTUR GUANIN. INC sponsored schools. Volunteers work side by side with Dominican staff in a group effort that crosses language and cultural barriers to promote the exchange of ideas, strategies and methods in teaching and activities.

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