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Teaching English at the Community of La Piedra, Dominican Republic.

This program is just for you, the student with an interest in learning about the Dominican culture and teach English in the Guanin community center. This program will serve as classes for the student's "curriculum of life" as well as for their professional, lives--for both the national and international students.

You could find yourself living and teaching English on a tropical island. Rich in history and culture, the SAS/Guanin Center, Inc. offers you a glimpse into one of the most vibrant cultures of the Caribbean. Learn to dance merengue, perfect your Spanish, and gain international work experience in paradise.

  • Teaching kids in the Dominican-Haitian communities

  • Public school kids from 5 years to 15 years old

  • Public high school

  • English for adults, who need to get better life job in the tourism industry.

Teach at the Guanin is live changing
English as a second language

SAS/Guanin Center  has partnerships with prestigious non-profit foundations, public institutions and universities that conduct work in the areas of: improvement of basic and higher education; teacher training; increased use of technology and teaching and learning, curriculum design and university admissions.


The Program offers internship opportunities related to: science instruction, technology education for adults, second language instruction in English and Spanish, pedagogy and evaluation systems.

  • Accommodation, 3 star hotel in Santo Domingo

  • Rustic accommodation, Guanin Community Center

  • Guest family accommodation

  • Beach hotel accommodation

  • Mountain hotel accommodation

Culture, Trip and Tours

Dominicans are perhaps the most beautiful, charming and friendly people in the world.

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