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Do you want to live the experience and feel the emotion playing sports in the Dominican Republic?


Yes, this is just for you!


This is year around sports program.

Be a baseball, basketball or handball whatever player today and live the Dominican sports life, give a little and receive a lot.

Make your own team come join us feel free to live the Dominican baseball, basketball and more. Be part of our team.  We work in association over 20 clubs and baseball academies located in 12 communities' service locations across Dominican Republic. We are promoting in those areas including soccer, baseball, softball, basketball and volleyball for the future we want to include arts, cycling, swimming, etc. We provide donation of sports supplies to our clubs tennis shoes, gloves, bats, baseball balls, basketball ball and other sports supply.

Sport Program.

Summer Baseball Camp

High School Baseball Camp

Baseball Adventure life

Baseball and Culture

Basketball, Volleyball, Jockey, handball, etc. Interchange

Golf Course

Sport Medicine

Sport And Society

The Dominican Republic is currently the world's largest exporter of baseball players. In each season since 1999, Dominicans have made up at least 9% of MLB's active rosters, more than any other nation except the United States. Recently, many Dominicans have begun playing iin.

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Cultural Immersion Trips & Tours

Cultural immersion tours facilitate direct contact with the local people, and learn directly from them of the host country his the best way to learn about the Dominican Culture.

Sports Internship

we have the best climate for any type of sport discipline: including soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball, arts, cycling, swimming, etc. We donate sports supplies to our clubs tennis shoes, gloves, bats, baseball balls, basketball ball and other sports supply.

High School Summer Programs 

Summer Leadership Academy in the Dominican Republic! Spend 1 or more weeks in the DR teaching children sports, arts & crafts, writing, reading, and other activities. 

Share the amazing things customers are saying about Guanin/SAS. Is life changing for many and many Students and Professors.

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