Student Agency Services or SAS, currently operating as Student Services, was officially funded and incorporated in the Dominican Republic in 2000 as a student & researcher service agency for students and professionals. Its function is to promote, organize, provide, and take charge of logistics, student training, development programs, and academic policies, and to provide and coordinate with professors to provide materials that will be used in the teaching process. Incorporated in the D.R. as RNC#123-014996; registered in the USA under IRS section 501 (c) (3) FID#82-5266169.


Student Agency Services

Volunteer Program

We are Dominican and we work for our Dominican-Haitian communities, for that we know what we need and where to take you to get the experience you need and your prospects.

Do your work volunteer with us, 1, 2 , 3 or more week you need, for just USD $ 1,500

Including Guest family, 3 meals, transportation, orientation, pick up at the airport and work field project.

Your completed application must be accompanied by a US $ 70 non-refundable processing fee. This fee may be paid by paypal through the Guanin site or by wire to our bank. Please allow 15-30 days for admissions decisions. Upon admission, we will notify you of the internship options we have available for you and the date upon which you will begin.

Apply Now.

Our program begins with one day cultural orientation and cultural tours to the Colonial Zone before introduce you to the real Dominican life.

wherein volunteers are immersed in the local language, begin their stay with a welcoming host family,

hike in local areas, join cultural activities, and experience daily local life before beginning their

volunteer project. Prior to each placement, we make sure each volunteer is adequately supplied

with information about his/her local country and life with a host family (Dominican Republic).

The Dominican Republic is a developing country facing the ongoing struggles of poverty. As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to work in Dominican-Haitian communities where SAS/Guanin Cultural Center have projects. This is the difference us and others companies, we are part of the communities. We make a difference to the lives of hundreds of underprivileged children and families. Your efforts will focus on education, community development learning outreach services, My Roof Project (building projects for community infrastructure in rural areas). Click here for more information >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

The Dominican Republic is famous for its beautiful white sand beaches, vibrant culture and warm, friendly people. With the highest mountains of the Caribbean, breathtaking beaches and a vast network of underground caves, you will fall in love with this beautiful country and its festive culture.

As you volunteer in the Dominican Republic, your heart will be touched by the passion and spirit of the local people, many of whom have very little. Give of yourself to help improve their quality of life through community building and children’s programs, including arts & crafts, music, recreation and health education. Devote your time to enriching the lives of children and families in rural communities who have little access to quality education and employment.


•Health education programs for impoverished children

•Building homes for single parent families

•Improving access to water and sanitation

•Construction of schools and community centers

•Recreation, sports, art & crafts activities

•Community recycling and clean-up programs

•Teach music, dance and theatre

•Painting educational murals

•After School Program

•English as second language

•Environment and agriculture

•Free Spanish language

•Sports program

•Medical health program

•Sports Medicine program

•Summer Camp,

•And more.


•Horseback riding to secluded waterfalls

•White water rafting on the Yaque del Norte River

•Surfing and snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea

•Canyoning and rappeling

•Cliff-jumping and sliding down natural waterfalls

•Exploring the largest cave in the Caribbean

•Discovering the colonial city of Santo Domingo and beach culture of Cabarete

•Merengue, bachata and salsa dancing!

•Getting involved with local Youth Dominican Group

•Getting involved with Domincan life Sports program, Baseball, Basketball and more

Throughout the centuries, as new waves of people have set foot on the shores of the beautiful tropical island known first as Quisqueya, then as Hispaniola, they have been enchanted by its fertility, diversity and potential. The Guanahatabey, Pre-Igneri and Igneri peoples blended their genes and their cultures to become the Taínos. The Taínos, other Indian peoples, and a multitude of European (mostly Spanish) and African peoples blended their genes and their cultures together here over the past five centuries to become modern criollos, modern Dominicans. Despite the passing of time, one can still say the same thing as Columbus did about the people here: Dominicans are, perhaps, the most beautiful, charming and friendly people in the world.

When you come to the Dominican Republic, come with an open mind. Come ready to enjoy yourself among a people who have a world-renowned reputation for being sincerely warm-hearted, open and friendly. But do remember that this is a "developing world." The majority of the people here are not middle class, like they are in the U.S., Canada and Europe. There is a small Dominican middle class, a very small upper class, and a vastly huge class of poor people. You will definitely see some things here and have some experiences here that are very different from "back home."

That doesn't mean the Dominican people or their ways are wrong--just different. Don't spend your precious little time here lamenting how things could be so much better "if only they did it like back in ______." After all, learning something new, having new experiences and meeting new people is what you came for, isn't it?

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