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Covid-19 Relief, Volunteer, Writing Grants, needed

As Covid-19 spreads across the Dominican Republic, we have seen an outpouring of support from gracious people looking to help others during this crisis. We need your help. We have been working hard to find the best way we can support our impoverished community in these trying times. Normally most of our expenses are covered by international on-site volunteers, individuals and groups of students who gain hands-on experience in the fields of medicine and education by helping our children and youths. Right now those volunteers cannot travel here.

Therefore, we are gathering the names of potential volunteers with experience in writing grants for Education and Health programs. If you would like to volunteer to help us seek out and apply for grants to support the reopening and maintenance of our Pre-School and Daycare Center for 125 children from 45 days to 5 years old, and our Community Medical Clinic for 1,300+ patients, please contact us as soon as possible. *Note that your help can all be done online.*

For the last 20 years, we have been working with an isolated, rural community called La Piedra (The Rock), which lies 45 minutes east of the Capital of Santo Domingo. La Piedra is one of the poorest Dominican/Haitian communities in the country, with 1,170 permanent residents, plus workers who reside part-time in the Capital—when they can find work there.

We are a Dominican 501c3, non-profit institution registered both in the USA and DR.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer, writing grants at the SAS/’Guanin, Inc.. Please take a moment and fill out the form below so we can process your request.

Covid_volunteer grant writers plea_edite
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