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Student Services in the Dominican Republic

Imagine spending a week, 10 days, even a month or an entire summer doing invaluable volunteer work on a tropical Caribbean island! If you’re interested in education (English as a Second Language; basic pre-school, primary, and high school subjects; or art, music, and theatre), or any of the many medical and health fields (including dental, nursing, psychology, physical therapy, nutrition, pediatrics, and maternal health, among other fields), or if you prefer working in various areas of community development or sports activities… we are the leader of the student services in the Dominican Republic.

What does a volunteer stay at the Guanin Community Center in La Piedra, Dominican Republic cost? There are so many different options—How long a stay? Which accommodations option? Which and how many side trips? But you can figure it will cost an average of US$500-750 per person/per week, plus airfare.

Contact.: Guanin / SAS Email: or Website: WhatsApp: 1 (829) 875-4599

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