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Summer Camp 2021, Community Leadership

Updated: May 24, 2021

10-15 Volunteers Needed to Lead Summer Camp 2021, “Community Leadership” in La Piedra, Dominican Republic


Guanin Community Center, La Piedra (east of Santo Domingo), Dominican



July 4-August 1, 2021 (4 weeks, 28 days)


June 20, 2021 VIRTUAL PRE-DEPARTURE ORIENTATION: June 25, 2021, at 7:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (New York Time).

Fee PER PERSON: $ 2,660 Tax write off.

Fundación Guanin, Inc., aka, the Guanin Community Center in La Piedra, DR, has been helping resource-poor Dominican and Haitian people, especially the children, for more than 20 years. We work with multiple universities, high schools, and educational agencies across the U.S.A., Dominican Republic, Canada, Germany, and Switzerland.

Community Leadership

The goal of the Summer Camp and ongoing Community Leadership Program is to train the next generation of innovators, leaders, change makers, and social entrepreneurs—the young people who will help solve the greatest challenges of the 21st century. In the Dominican Republic you’ll explore concepts and develop skills that will help you to think independently, effectively manage situations, and more easily navigate interpersonal experiences throughout your life—preparing you for college and beyond, you will be encourage Journaling your experiences while on the program to analyze how you hand become a better community leader.


In the DR, you and your peers will help run a summer camp for the children of La Piedra, one of the most impoverished communities in the entire country. Having been resettled in a mostly barren, undesirable region after floods took many of their homes and family members in the Capital, the people of La Piedra are isolated, with little access to public services or resources of any kind. That includes schooling for the children. The Summer Camp and Community Leadership Program that you will help run, then, can provide these children—and you—with invaluable opportunities: new ideas, inspiration, and hope. Through the exchange, you’ll both open windows into another world that neither of you knew existed.

You’ll help teach these children English, play sports of all kinds, and create art and music projects together. These interactions introduce the children to new paths for development, help both you and them develop inter-personal skills, and provide you with the knowledge that continued efforts like these will make a real difference in the community. Each day after camp, you’ll meet with a group of peers from La Piedra who are members of a local youth group. The group aims to prepare and motivate young Dominican children and teens to pursue professional careers and improve their lives. Together you’ll share experiences and future plans, and work together on a variety of projects.

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No matter which amount of time you choose to volunteer at the Summer Community Leadership, 2021, (and no matter which budget you have), the staff will be happy to assist you

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