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Summer Camp and Medical Clinic Project

From July 7 to 27, 2024, at Guanin, la Piedra, Dominican Republic, we will run our Summer Camp and Community leadership for 3 weeks. In the same time we will be remodeling the Guanin medical clinic to the first level, to facilitate access for the elderly and people with disabilities, where will provide free medicare to the all community of la Piedra, of 6000 people.

This is a 3-week camp designed to give youths aged 13-16 years the opportunities to develop their leadership potential and life skills. The camp is program-driven with a combination of indoor and outdoor activities and emotionally challenging adventures, ecoturism, sports and etc. These activities are catered to help the youths develop team spirit, enhance their communication skills, and realize their potential. All these are conducted in a fun and supportive environment.

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